Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Statement of Purpose

It is in our nature as human beings to assign a purpose to all things, real or imagined. The idea of this blog has been long coming, probably rooted in the decision made years ago to terminate social media (most especially Facebook). Although social media offers an outlet to those who seek to reflect via written text and to avoid reflection in isolation, it can quickly turn toxic. It is my wish that this site enables me to better contemplate certain phrases and passages I read in my own studies of economics and that there is at least the illusion that I am not alone in my thoughts.

I am an amateur economist working my way though a master's degree at a heterodox university known for Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) but am myself still agnostic toward any one school of economic thought. At this moment I am becoming more and more skeptical of economic thought rooted in the enlightenment, having great distaste for the values of the Protestants and of the Modernists. I have no career ambitions as an economist and seek further studies for the value of knowledge itself.

My desire is to post key phrases and passages I come across in my reading that strike me in some way and to offer a few words on why they seem meaningful. Perhaps you will have some ideas of your own to add to whatever ideas are considered.

Aside from my work as an amateur economist, I own a small business, have a large family (8 children and counting), and enjoy nothing more than a good conversation over a good beer, especially if it is a stout. I appreciate the company of well-read people but am uncomfortable when situated around those who have an air of opulence or wealth, and have a difficulty understanding why any would seek material possessions much in excess of the society around one's self.

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